New product group Alstroemeria Florinca 1 July 2016

In the FPC meeting held on 24 November 2015, a request was submitted to create a new product group code within the Alstroemeria group (1 01 003 00).


This proposal was accepted by the VBN Steering group. The new product group will be launched on 1 July 2016 and will be given the name Florinca. This new Alstroemeria Florinca product group (1 01 003 02) has modified product specifications compared to the ‘normal’ Alstroemeria.


The cultivars included in this new product group are:

  • Alstroemeria Charmelia White
  • Alstroemeria Charmelia
  • Alstroemeria Ballet
  • Alstroemeria Funk
  • Alstroemeria X-Treme
  • Alstroemeria Paradiso
  • Alstroemeria White Pearls


The Alstroemeria Florinca product group has the mandatory grading codes S20 / S05 / S22. The grading codes will be from 1 July 2016:


Grading code overview


Product group no. Name: SK1 SK2 SK3 SK4
101 003 01 Alstroemeria S20 S21 S05 S22
    Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Advisory
101 003 02 Alstroemeria Florinca S20 S05 S22
    Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory

S20 = Length

S21 = Weight

S05 = Maturity

S22 = Number of flower buds