Cleaning up and making the ‘colour-treated’ product codes uniform from 1 February 2018

Customers have been expressing a need for greater clarity in terms of colour-treated product codes. Apparently, colour-treated product codes are not required to specify the colour, but the situation is not uniform. Currently, the quality code S50 ‘flower/berry/fruit colour’ is recommended, the colour is added to the product name, or neither is applicable.

Therefore, a new quality code S87 ‘colour-treated’ has been created. From 1 February 2018 it will be added as a recommended quality code to the colour-treated product codes. After 3 months, from 1 May 2018, use of S87 will become mandatory.

What will change precisely?

  • The number of colour-treated product codes will be reduced from 359 to 103. Product codes with a colour in the product name will be deleted; the colour will be specified from then on by quality code S87;
  • The product codes to be deleted will be blocked from 1 April 2018;
  • We are imposing uniformity by adding S87 as the prescribed quality code to the 6th position to all colour-treated product codes (the 4th or 5th position for a few product codes);
  • For the first 3 months, S87 will be recommended, and then made mandatory from 1 May 2018.

Added an overview of the colour-treated product codes that will remain and those that will be deleted (2 tabs).
Product codes colour-treated 2018