Plant passport

A number of products must be supplied with a plant passport. This section contains a summary of information about which products are required to have a plant passport and what the plant passport is. For more details, please refer to and or a relevant organization.

Register plantenpaspoortplichtige producten

Plant passport Xylella fastidiosa

Eisen aan het plantenpaspoort

Plant passport obligation from 14 December 2019

From 14 December 2019, the plant passport is mandatory for all ‘plants for planting’. According to the EU definition, these are plants that can grow into mature plants and are meant to do so. These plants must be planted out, replanted or remain planted. Everything that we currently call propagating material falls under this definition (including seeds), as do all ‘consumptive’ pot, container, bedding and patio plants. From 14 December 2019 the plant passport must comply with a number of new characteristics (uniform format), including a unique phytosanitary company registration number.

Additional information can be found on the website of the NVWA and in this Flyer.

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