Post Harvest Knowledge Centre and laboratory

For independent advice, training and research into product quality, you can turn to the Post Harvest Knowledge Centre of Royal FloraHolland.

The Post Harvest Knowledge Centre has air-conditioned flowering rooms in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, and outdoor garden and a laboratory to analyse the pre-treatment. Its research is objective; we are ISO 9001-certified and work according to VBN research standards.

You can have your product tested once, or at regular intervals, in different periods of the season. For that purpose we offer a test subscription. You specify what the subscription involves: the test frequency and which cultivars are to be tested. You choose the marketing simulation that best suits your sales market and vase contents. You can choose a basic report or add your choice of supplementary information and photos. It is also possible to review the test results online. You can arrange a subscription as an individual or as a group (for example, growers’ association).

The Post Harvest Knowledge Centre has considerable information and knowledge about post-harvest quality and longevity, based on its own research and that of other agencies. The specialists at the Post Harvest Knowledge Centre can help you to gain insight into the quality of your products and advise you on maintaining and improving longevity. Do you have any questions about the correct post-harvest treatment, packaging, temperature and relative humidity during transport or the ethylene sensitivity of your product? The Post Harvest Knowledge Centre is ready to help out.