VBN-VGB Arbitration Committee

 In 1992 the VBN and the VGB established the Arbitration Committee to deal with the increasing number of forward transactions via the intermediary agencies of the flower auctions, and thus the greater risk of disputes. The financial interests involved in these transactions are considerable. The Arbitration Committee only acts to resolve disputes between growers and buyers arising from intermediary transactions. And the grower and buyer must have agreed in advance in writing that any dispute would be put before the Arbitration Committee.

The Arbitration Committee consists of a permanent, independent chair, who chooses two other arbitrators for each case. His choice of arbitrators is influenced by factors such as knowledge of the product in question and independence. The VBN and the VGB have prepared two lists for this purpose: one with grower-arbitrators and one with buyer-arbitrators. A lawyer assists the Arbitration Committee. The submission procedure for a request for arbitration and the address of the secretariat of the committee are published in the brochure from the Arbitration Committee.

The brochure about the Arbitration Committee and brief summaries of its rulings can be downloaded from this page.

VBN-VGB Arbitration Board