From October 15, 2019 weight mandatory grading code for Christmas and Decoration green products

Weight is an important purchasing criterion for Christmas and decoration greenery products. The grading code S21 is momentarily only advised and therefore just included in about 50% of the supplied lots within the supply information. In the context of a reliable and uniform supply information, the grading code S21 will be made mandatory for Christmas and decoration greenery products from 15 October 2019 onwards.

You can find the grading codes valid as of 15 October 2019 and the affected products in the appendix (link) below.

S21 weight mandatory product codes

Documentation about changed requirements for importing plants with attached growing medium

From 1st of  September 2019, changed requirements apply to the import of plants with attached growing medium, such as soil, peat, coco peat, perlite, etc. In the attachment you will find extra information about this and whether you need to take any immediate action when you import these types of plants.

Adjustment of Helianthus in pots product specification with regard to maturity

There is an adjustment in the product specification for Helianthus in pots. From the 1st of May to 1st of October the possibility is offered to supply Helianthus in pots at all maturity stages. The minimum requirement for Helianthus in pots was maturity stage 2 (color-showing ligules).

The following requirement is added to the Helianthus in pots product specification.

• Between 1 May and 1 October it is allowed to supply all maturity stages.

Choice of pre-treatment products for Celosia cristata will be expanded

On 1 May 2019, there will be a change in the VBN product specification for Celosia cristata.

In the summer of 2018, the Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre has carried out verification testing to ascertain whether the Florissant 810, Florissant 830 en Chrysal Grow 20 products complies with the VBN norms for the pre-treatment of Celosia cristata. Research has revealed that all of the conditions have been met, and this products can be added to the obligatory products in the VBN product specification for Celosia cristata.


  • Florissant 810, Florissant 830 en Chrysal Grow 20 are being added as approved products for the pre-treatment of Celosia cristata (Florissant 810 code 21 on the product’s label, Florissant 830 code 41 and Chrysal Grow 20 code 20).
  • You must state the correct code of the pre-treatment product in your supply information. With this code the laboratory can check that the pre-treatment product is being used correctly.
    • The grading code S65 pre-treatment must be added in your EDF software package.
    • Under the grading code S65, you must select the correct pre-treatment product using code 21 on the label of the product for Florissant 810, code 41 for Florissant 830 and code 20 for Chrysal Grow 20.

This products are exclusively for use as prescribed in the instructions for use.