High-risk plants

 The new European Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031 takes effect in December 2019. As part of it, a list will be prepared with temporary import bans for plants from outside the European Union (so-called third countries). Several products that are important to growers, importers and dealers are on the draft list. This concerns the following crops: Ficus, Cycas, Ligustrum, Lonicera and Acer.

In addition, the legislation concerning a number of plants with attached soil when imported will change. From the start of 2019, stricter EU criteria will apply to plants for planting out that are imported with attached soil. At very least, the attached soil must be subject to treatment in the country of origin.

On 19 July 2018 these topics were explained in detail during a meeting in Aalsmeer organised by NVWA, Naktuinbouw, VBN, Royal FloraHolland, LTO specialist group trees and perennials, LTO Glaskracht Nederland [Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture], Plantum and Anthos. For more information, please check out the NVWA presentation and the presentation about clean growth medium from third countries from this meeting.

You can participate in the public consultation via Have Your Say of the EC. We advise growers, importers and dealers to share this possibility to respond with their customers/connections in other European countries. We would greatly appreciate it if you sent any response for information to: regelgeving@royalfloraholland.com.