For Arrangements quality code S53 (Pot material) will be mandatory from 1 September 2017

For Arrangements, the pot material is increasingly considered important product information by buyers, partly due to specific questions from end buyers. The type of pot material is an important reason to buy an arrangement (or not). Given this development, we want to make this product information available as a mandatory, regulatory code. This proposal has been accepted by the VBN Regulations Steering Group.

For Arrangements (product groups 2 13 001 00 and 3 14 001 00), the quality code S53 (Pot material) will be mandatory from 1 September 2017 at position 5. This code has been advised for some time now.

Position Code Description Instruction
1 S01 Pot size Mandatory
2 S15 Transport height Mandatory
3 S03 Number of cuttings/plants per pot Mandatory
4 S05 Maturity stage Advised
5 S53 Pot material Mandatory
6 S51 Pot shape Advised

Via the link below, you can see a list of the quality codes:
Qualilty codes