On June 1, 2022 obligation of pre-treatment agent Florissant 830 for Helleborus

On June 1, 2022, there will be a change in the VBN-product specification for Helleborus.

The Post Harvest Knowledge Centre has carried out verification testing to ascertain whether the Florissant 830 product complies with the VBN norms for the pre-treatment of Helleborus. This research has shown that all conditions have been met to make Florissant 830 mandatory as a pre-treatment agent. Florissant 830 gives an average vase life extension of two and a half days.


  • Florissant 830 is added as approved product for the pre-treatment of Helleborus (Florissant 830 code 41 on the product’s label).
  • You must state the correct code of the pre-treatment product in your supply information. With this code the laboratory can check that the pre-treatment product is being used correctly.
    • The grading code S65 pre-treatment must be added in your EDF-software package.
    • Under the grading code S65, you must select the correct pre-treatment product using code 41 on the label of the product for Florissant 830.

The product is exclusively for use as prescribed in the instructions for use.