Updating and simplifying product codes Cyclamen from 1 June 2017

The chain has expressed a need for greater clarity regarding product names.
At the request of the Cyclamen product commission and buyers of Cyclamen, we are therefore reducing the number of product codes and making the product names uniform. The new classification of product codes goes into effect on 1 June 2017. This will make it easier for your buyers to market Cyclamen. And that of course benefits you, too! We worked together with breeders to achieve this result.

What will change precisely?

  • The number of product codes is being reduced from 480 to 107;
  • House Cyclamen: the ‘Other Cyclamen’ group is being removed. This group will be replaced by the ‘Cyclamen midi’ group;
  • We are adjusting the official characteristics (S-characteristics) and applying them also to the ‘indoor Cyclamen’ and ‘outdoor Cyclamen’ groups;
  • The clock name abbreviations have been made uniform;
  • With the new product codes the colour is being dropped from the product name. You can specify the colour under code S50.

What action is being asked of you?
Contact your software supplier in plenty of time to have these changes implemented in the systems you use.

New classification for Cyclamen product groups
House Cyclamen                                                           Garden Cyclamen

2 02 007 00 Cyclamen 3 10 207 00 Cyclamen
2 02 007 01 Cyclamen large flowered 3 10 207 01 Cyclamen other
2 02 007 02 Cyclamen small flowered 3 10 207 02 Cyclamen small flowered
2 02 007 03 Cyclamen midi 3 10 207 03 Cyclamen midi

Grading codes for ‘indoor Cyclamen’ and ‘outdoor Cyclamen’

Productgroep nr. GC 1 GC 2 GC 3 GC 4 GC 5 GC 6
2 02 007 00 (House Cyclamen) S01 S04 S50 S05 S54 S02
Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Advised Mandatory
3 10 207 00 (Garden Cyclamen) S01 S04 S50 S05 S54 S02
Mandatory Mandatory Advised Mandatory Advised Mandatory

S01 = Pot size
S04 = Minimum plant diameter
S50 = Flower color
S05 = Maturity stage
S54 = Plant (flower) shape
S02 = Minimum plant height

Enclosure: List of active product codes

Review the quality codes here.