To give you an initial basis for setting up shelf/vase life tests, a general guideline has been created, which is not a standard, considering that the purpose of the test ultimately determines what you will test and how.

However, to be able to compare durability tests with each other, a number of standard protocols have been drawn up so that the test is always performed the same way and the results can be compared. These are standard sales simulations and evaluation cards. The protocols are intended for those performing durability testing for cut flowers and/or potted plants and are available in Dutch and English.

Guide for quality tests

Marketing simulations
In a longevity test it is important to include the marketing phase (transport and shop phase) to produce a good idea of the longevity at the consumer’s home. The duration, packaging and conditions during transport have a great effect on the longevity of flowers and plants. To be able to compare the tests, protocols are required. Specific marketing chains may of course deviate from them.

Sales simulation Cut flowers
Sales simulation House plants
Sales simulation Garden plants

Evaluation cards
To be able to perform evaluations of plants and flowers during a durability test and have them be representative and comparable, the VBN has developed and issued evaluation cards. A general evaluation card is available for both groups (cut flowers and potted plants). Specific evaluation cards are also available for some product groups of both cut flowers and potted plants. These cards specifically indicate the characteristics that can be evaluated for each product. See down below this page the reference to the different evaluation cards.