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Keep the Netherlands Xylella-free

All strains of Xylella are regulated in the EU and may affect different host plants depending on local circumstances and vectors present, although all strains have a very broad range of host plants which largely overlaps.

Digital version of plant passport number now available

The plant passport number has recently been copied into a digital version. For clock sales and direct sales, it can be attached digitally to the Electronic Delivery Form (EDF). This new version is a response to a commonly expressed wish of buyers

Postpone entry date plant passport for Xylella March 31, 2016

The entry date to obligate a plant passport for approximately 30 plant species is postponed to 31 March 2016. As a result of outbreaks of the bacterial disease Xylella fastidiosa the European Commission requires the use of a plant passport within the EU for approximately 30 plant species. This obligation would take effect on February […]