From January 1, 2021 changes in the product specification of Helianthus (plants)

As of January 1, 2021, the supply specifications of Helianthus will be adjusted with the aim of providing correct and complete supply information. The following adjustments will be made:

1. Characteristic S54 (plant form) is made mandatory.
2. Characteristic S05 (maturity stage) is also mandatory for garden plants.

Regulatory characteristics Helianthus as of January 1, 2021:

S01 = Pot size
S02 = Minimum plant height
S03 = Minimum number of cuttings/plants per pot
S05 = Maturity stage
S54 = Plant form
Value 008 = branched
Value 009 = highly branched
Value 010 = plant with only one inflorescence/flower

Because the plant shape is an important aspect for the marketing of Helianthus, this characteristic is added to the regulations. And because ripeness in the Helianthus garden is currently a recommended characteristic, it will be made mandatory for creating uniformity within the same product groups.