Number of stems per bunch (L11) mandatory for all cutflowers from 1st of january 2019.

The number of stems per bunch (L11) is information that has become more important to buyers over the years. The request to supply this information with cutflowers is becoming more frequent by the day. Two important reasons for this are:

  • It prevents mistakes in the logistical process of buyers;
  • It simplifies the sale of cutflowers via webshops.

Supplying this information leads to lower costs for buyers/customers, more satisfied consumers and ultimately better pricing and more revenue. To get there it is necessary that suppliers present this information by default. Only then can buyers accurately set up their processes.

For these reasons the number of stems per bunch (L11) will be made a mandatory characteristic code on position 5 for all cutflowers. This proposal has been approved by the VBN Regulations Steering Group. For most cutflowers L11 will be advised from the 1st of october 2018 and mandatory from the 1st of January 2019. Note that if cutflowers are supplied unbunched code 001 has to be entered for trading code L11.

Suppliers will receive emails with additional information regarding what will change specifically for their products. Also a list with all product groups and the corresponding changes can be consulted.

We recommend suppliers to contact their software supplier to initiate the changes mentioned above. All existing grading codes can be consulted on the Floricode website.