Additions to Xylella host plant list and plant passport requirement from 1st of August 2016

Recently contaminations with Xylella fastidiosa were discovered in the south of Italy, southeastern France and Corsica on plants that had not been contaminated before. These plants were added to the host plant list. For all plants on this list plant passports are legally required in case of marketing within the EU. This includes transport and handling within the Netherlands and shipping to other memberstates. Plant passport inspections will start on the 1st of August 2016. The new host plants are listed below:

• Calicotome villosa

• Cytisus scoparius

• Eremophila maculata

• Genista corsica

• Helichrysum italicum

• Lavandula x allardii (= Lavandula x heterophylla)

• Phillyrea latifolia

For more information regarding Xylella and plant passports consult the NVWA website and NVWA Xylella.